First of all, I really can’t believe its December already, it’s come around so quickly; I’ve still got my Christmas shopping to finish off! The festive period has to be my favourite time of year, there’s something about it which just makes every day feel magical.

I thought I would start off the festive posts by sharing some things I love about December.


There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and rushing to eat a piece of chocolate from your calendar, it’s still as exciting as when you were a child. This year I have gone for a Disney Princess one; I did debate getting a beauty advent but none of them seemed to contain products I was really excited about. If you have a beauty advent that you love, please let me know in the comments as I would love to check some out.


There is so much new content on YouTube around this time of year, I’m in my element with the amount of vlogs I have to watch. Being able to see what YouTubers are up to everyday makes you feel as if you’re involved in their lives, it helps to build up a connection between the viewers and the creators. Last year my Favourite Vlogmas to watch was ‘Zoella’ as she’s one to really get into the festive spirit, plus I love seeing the exciting things she gets up to. However, this year I’m rather looking forward to ‘Helen Andersons’, I’ve been watching her vlogs every day for the past few months, they’ve actually become a part of my daily routine. Who’s Vlogmas are you looking forward to watching?


I absolutely love spending this time of year with the ones you love, makes the whole period 10054399003000 times better. My favourite part has to be seeing them open the presents that you bought for them and seeing the smiles on their faces; I’m getting so excited for this from writing this post!


Every year I get so excited about putting the Christmas tree up, I’ve been trying to get it up in our house since mid-November, I was a little eager. If you’re wondering, we have a fake tree with lots of gold and red tinsel and fairy lights. Also, this year I am very much wanting the Mickey Mouse ball- balls from Primark to hang on our tree, would be a perfect magical finish.


I love a bit of red lipstick however wearing it every day on a normal occasion seems a bit over the top, but not at Christmas. It’s a festive colour so it’s a good excuse to wear it throughout December, which I will be doing. My favourite red lippy to wear is Rimmel London Alarm.


Over the lead up to Christmas it’s acceptable to eat twice as many tasty treats as you would the rest of the year. In my opinion you can’t beat a good mince pie, pigs in blankets, after eights or a bit of turkey and cranberry sauce. What are your favourite foods at Christmas?


These are just a must have to get yourself in the festive spirit, I’ve been playing them in the car since November as I’ve missed hearing them. My favourite ones have to be ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ and ‘Let it snow’. Which Christmas songs are your favourite?

what things do you look forward to over the festive period?

Bryony xxx




  1. December 2, 2016 / 3:31 pm

    I love your advent calendar! To be honest this is why I love christmas so much. Everyone is a lot happier this time of the year!xxx

    • December 2, 2016 / 3:37 pm

      thank you! I agree, December is just such a happy time xxx

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