Twenty sixteen, what a year it’s been.

It’s been a year full of learning; I’ve lived away from home, dealt with mentally challenging situations, become a stronger person, explored the world a little more and had many laughs creating cherishable moments.

I started the year working in Norfolk at a job I loved and living with one of my best friends. It was a time of taking many train trips to Norwich to buy as many cushions and fairy lights from Primark as we could possibly carry; this was our way of decorating. I remember us having a receipt pinned to the wall, it read ‘OUR FIRST FOOD SHOP’, and we were finally starting to feel like adults.

I was working as an Activity Instructor, rock climbing, go karting, beach sessions where a little bit of what my days consisted of. This did absolute wonders for my confidence, I used to be a shy little petal who got butterflies at the thought of speaking in front of people. Now it’s something I’m eager to do, I feel like a different person with how much I’ve come out my ‘shell’. I would say it’s one of my proudest achievements of the year.

Another big thing that happened this year was me getting a tattoo, WOAH. Holly and I both decided we wanted to get something meaningful; she got a sun and moon to represent that good things are always round the corner. I got a lotus flower, I wanted it to represent a new beginning; rising from a dark place into somewhere beautiful. Basically, for a long time prior I had been suffering with depression and self-harm and this was my mark to say I’ve kicked your ass and you’re not going to win again. In regards to my mental health, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been this year and I’m determined to make next year even better.

I went with my Boyfriend for my FIRST holiday abroad this September; nine days in Portugal, Algarve. It was a lot hotter than I had anticipated, the small bottle of sun cream I had taken out with me only lasted me about 3 days. (During this time I found out my skin really didn’t like water resistant sun cream, what good timing ay). I found out I had such a love for waterparks, we went on one ride called ‘THE BIG WAVE’ which had many twists and turns followed by a big drop into a slide ramp, I was holding on for my life, I was genuinely scared I was going to fall out.

I got my FIRST CAR, a little black Vauxhall Corsa. I’m yet to have a drive in it as I haven’t passed my test yet, few more lessons to go. I live in a little village where no buses run to or from so passing is going to give me so much more freedom, exciting!

I also started this little blog, I’ve only had it for a couple of months but I’m already in love with how much creative freedom it gives me. I get so so excited when one of my posts reaches 20 views, in the grand scheme of things I know it’s not many but it warms my heart to know people are enjoying what I write. There’s defiantly going to be a lot more blog posts coming your way next year!

I’m very excited to be entering twenty seventeen in a positive mindset with amazing friends and family; I cannot wait to see what it has in store for me…

What have been your highlights of the year, is there anything you’ve learnt about yourself this year?





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