We all have a few blogs that we like to catch up on time to time. These are the ones that I’ll read religiously, make myself a cuppa tea and sit down for a good few hours session of catching up on their latest posts. These people are the ones that make me inspired, proper inspired. Like, I need to get off my ass right now and do something exciting… well after I finish reading the post. Without further rambling here they are:


The queen of lists is what Hannah’ mostly known for. Everything she seems to write is mega relatable, it’s like reading something your best gal pal who you’re yet to meet has written, crazy eh? She embraces who she is and appears to feel comfortable about it too, which I love as a reader. There’s no new year, new me sorta thing, wanting to change who you are for the next year, she states who she is, and she’s all like this is me. Sassy. That’s what I’m trying to say, she’s sassy. It’s refreshing to read really.


Yes, I came across her the same way as many other people, through Zoella. Okay so she may have gained quite a significant amount of her following from people finding her through Zoe/Alfie, but does that matter… no. She’s so so good at what she does, better than good, she’s AMAZING! I’d love to be able to write like her, she inspires me to write more. I mean anyone who can inspire you to write more is worth a read, right? Not forgetting to add that her photography is tip top. Poppy’ nature/outdoorsy shots are so crystal clear, they make me want to join the National trust to explore all the gardens myself.


My favourite daily vlogger, EVER! When I found out Helen had a blog, I was over the moon. I had even more content I can indulge in over a late night cuppa. She’s the rock chick that inner I want to be, purple hair, tattoo’s and chokers, I wish I could pull that off…maybe one day. Helens also in a band that’s pretty damn good, Box of Light, she blogs about her touring, good read if you’re a music lover.


She’s modelled for Drop dead which 15 year old me is rather jealous about, I’m sure we all went through an indie scene stage at some point, right? Zoe blogs about her travels and gigs/festivals she attends, her pictures make all of these places look so so dreamy. Some of them have defiantly been added to my places I need to visit list! She’s one of the few that I would call a ‘beauty guru’ as well, her make-up always seems to be on point and she has great taste in products too.

Who are your favourite bloggers to read?

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  1. January 7, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    Oh I love Helen Anderz! And this post 💕 She’s so relatable, and so funny. Definitely one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers!
    I’ll check out your beauty posts also 💕

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