Christmas is over, the sparkly lights have gone, and the magic’s disappeared. We’re left with long dreary days, freezing mornings and lack of sunlight, no wonder we’re feeling a bit down, eh? At the moment I need 3 cuppa teas in the morning before I can even think about doing anything, remotely productive.

I’m determined not to let this glum time of year affect my happiness or of an even bigger matter, my mental health. So here’s my top tips for beating January Blues:


You may believe it or not but tea helps every situation, whether you’re Ill, had bad news, crashed your car. It’ll help take your mind off things just a lil bit, always offer someone a cuppa tea, you’ll never know the good it could do. It’s also a very good conversation starter ‘would you like a cuppa tea?’ it makes the person realise you’re thinking about them.


When you’re feeling down in the dumps it’s very easy to wrap yourself in your duvet and hide away from the world. Oh, and to limit your social interaction as well, right? I’m sure we’ve all done it and realised it hasn’t helped at all if anything maybe you feel more meh. Take up a hobby, anything, literally, make videos, draw, or even knit, if that’s your style, I tried once it looked horrendous. It’ll take your mind off things, you’ll find more pleasure in your days and before you know it the sun will still be around at 4 pm!


We’d all love to take a trip to the Maldives when times get tough, escape from responsibilities and relax, just relax and tan. I WISH. There is something we can do, simply get out a little more, whether it’s getting a coffee with that friend who you haven’t seen in a while, doing the food shop with your mum or walking your dog. It’ll help to keep your mind busy, that way you don’t have the time for you brain to wander off into negative thoughts.


Crumble in a bubble bar, plop in a bath bomb maybe even light some candles and put on some calming music. Then RELAX. Your worries will instantly half, if not disappear from the forefront of your mind for a little while.


What you put into your body can have an effect on your mental health, more than you may think. I could recommend trying to up your water intake, maybe 4 glasses a day, that’s what I’m trying to do this year. Talking about ‘eating well’, I don’t mean so super-duper healthy, no no. Just make sure you’re eating enough every day so that you feel full and have a good amount of energy. EAT WHAT YOU WHAT, WHEN YOU WANT!


What do you like to do to cheer yourself up in the winter?

 Bryony xx







  1. January 10, 2017 / 4:08 pm

    This is fantastic babe if you still want to in s few months to collab that’ll be awesome xxx

    • January 10, 2017 / 4:09 pm

      yeah sure i’d be up for that, just drop me a message when you want to xxx

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