I feel like may had been a pretty damn good month for music, I mean there was PARAMORE’S NEW ALBUM, that alone has made this month a good one! I’ve also discovered a few new artists who’ve really been growing on me, I’ll share a few of my favourites.


The first thought that came to my mind when I listened to ‘Told You So’ was this is a proper kick ass song, you go girl Hayley! I want to get up and dance every time I hear it, I can’t sit still and listen to it, I end up swaying from side to side or doing some sort of silly jig to it. Paramore have really upped their game with ‘After Laughter’ oh boy, it was so worth the wait, I’m so cool with them taking 5 years to write and release it as its top quality. I can’t explain how excited I am to hear them play their new music live next month, ahhh!


‘Loose Ends’ is a song originally but the American Pop Punk band ‘Real Friends’, it’s a blooming marvellous song but the cover just blows my mind, how did an amazing song get 4782927 times better? This Wild Life’s cover is a raw acoustic stripped down version, a number of feelings it gives you is insane!!


I mentioned Sarah in one of my previous playlist posts for the YouTube covers which are SUPER TOP QUALITY but now she’s only gone and came out with HER OWN EP! I’m so proud. I’ve had the song ‘Caught Up’ on repeat so many times singing the line ‘I understand you really wanna make this work and I don’t have the excuse you’re an absolute jerk’ it’s such a catchy bold statement. I’m betting she’s going to have big things going for her in the future, her talent is undeniable.


I can’t explain how over the moon I am that Miley’s finally back with some new material, not just any old new material she’s back to her roots too. It’s like the days of Hannah Montana’s ‘Butterfly Fly Away’ / Miley Cyrus ‘I Miss You’ have come back around. The song ‘Malibu’ gives out the message that Miley’s back in a good place where’s she’s happy about her life and relationship which is all that we can ask for. I’m so excited to see what her new album will have install for us, I’m guessing some chilled country style guitar tunes, no more twerking and mainstream pop beats!


I think ‘Oxygen’ has to be the song that really got me into catfish, to the point where I can listen to some of their songs on repeat for ages and ages! I just love the raw sound of their voices and just their whole indie sound. I’m seeing them live in London in the begginging of July and I can imagine it being an amazing experience!

What songs or artists have you been liking recently, let me know in the comments so i’m able to check them out!

Bryony xx




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  1. May 28, 2017 / 12:21 am

    Oxygen is one of my favourite catfish songs I love it!! I’m still yet to listen to paramore’s new album, everyone says it’s amazing but I haven’t got round to it yet!
    Liv xx

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