When I first saw this palette there was one word that popped to mind, ‘SUBCULTURE’, y’know the hella expensive eye-shadow palette that Anastasia Beverly Hills have recently brought out. I’m not kidding you when I say A LOT of the colours are very very similar, we start with a white and some pale pinks, going along into your autumnal red, orange and yellow, finishing with some darker blues and greens. There may be slightly fewer colours but babe you’re saving £35, I’m down for that, I don’t know about you…

I was super duper excited to try this palette, all I want is it to live up to my expectations but for £6 how much can I really expect? As soon as I’d done a few swatches on my hand I realised there were a couple of problems, firstly colour payoff of certain colours. The white and pale pink were barley visible in my swatch, they showed up a little better on my eyes but it’s still not a ‘go to’ pale colour or a shade that’ll make your eyes pop. Another disappointment was FALLOUT, hands down it must have the most fallout out of all the palettes I own, owhh. After just a little sweep in a colour pan there was a top layer of loose colour, this would go on to be wastage as you blow it away before closing the palette.

fall out

POSITIVE POINTS of this palette because there are some, trust me. Let’s start with the colour payoff with the red and orange shades as that’s a whole different game, they’re so much more pigmented than the paler colours. They’re even a close match to ‘Red Orche’ and ‘Burnt Orange’ from the Modern Renaissance palette, I’ve done a few comparison swatches and the difference is MINIMAL, total bargain!

swatch.jpg   little swatch 2

The mirror on this palette is A***, it’s one that i’d be happy to do my make-up in whilst on a train journey,brownie points for that! Well, the whole design of ‘Fall In Love’ is rather sleek, especially the frontcover with the dark autunmal leaves with golden writting infront, it’s bang on for the season.


I’m still a little unsure on this one, you’ve got to way up the pro’s and con’s, there’s only so much you can really expect from a palette this price. I mean the colours are all devine, I can see myself reaching for the red, orange and yellow fairly regularly, however, the quality of them isn’t all there. Overall for the price, I think it’s defiently one to try, you can’t really gone wrong, I mean it’s the same price as a tesco meal deal and a magazine!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this palette if you’ve given it a try, what colours are your favourite ones?

Bryony xx



  1. November 11, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    I saw this palette a lot on their instagram when it came out and was really curious about it! In my opinion it’s missing some sparkle! I don’t think I’ve done a full matte look in a while! The warmer shades look really pretty for this time of the year, it’s just a shame that they weren’t all nicely pigmented! Loved your photos too!! xx

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