I had my hair ombre’ at a hairdressers a couple of months ago, the ashy tone was starting to fade and I was left with a blonde that was way too yellow for my liking. Something needed to be done. I’d always wanted to add a more ‘exotic’ colour to my hair so I thought now’s a better time than never. I bought the ‘Lavender’ dye by Colour Crave for £5.99, it was so cheap that I didn’t give it a second thought.

When I first opened the tube of dye I noticed that the consistency was rather thick, this meant that when I started applying it to my hair it didn’t spread easily at all. I tried using the brush applicator that came with the kit but that didn’t really make a difference, it still clung to the little piece of hair you initially put the dye on. I became so scared that it was going to come out incredible patchy or I was going to run out of dye before i’d covered my whole head. I put tiny bits of dye on at a time and by the time I’d covered all my hair I still had half a tube left, I put this aside thinking how handy it is that I’ve got enough for a second use. I washed the dye out 15 minutes later, parts of my hair turned out a lovely lavender however my fringe and parts of my hair were still very yellow/blonde.

I decided to apply the rest of the dye, this time I mixed it in with a little conditioner to make it spread easier. This time I left it on for 40 minutes in the hope that the rest of my hair would turn purple, luckily enough, IT DID! I was over the moon with how it came out, it made me feel like Elsa!


The dye stated on the box that it should last 15+ washes, I’ve washed mine 4 times and the purple has totally faded! I’m left with an ashy silver colour, luckily i’m just as in love with this but it’s worth baring in mind that’s it very much a wash in/wash out purple. That’s not a bad thing though, if you want to dye your hair for a short period of time with the guarantee it’ll come out Colour Crave is perfect. Likewise, if you want to dye your hair silver then the Lavender shade will become that after a few washes. I’m loving my hair loads and i’m for sure going to buy another box after my silver fades, can’t complain with the results.

I’d love to know what you think of Colour Crave dyes if you’ve tried one out!

Bryony xx



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  1. Katie Henry says:

    Looks amazing! I was so tempted to get pink dip dye but couldn’t because of my job. I’ve still got the dye so it’s on the way.

  2. I love the fun colors we can easily try in hair these days. It’s so fun to be able to play a little.

  3. Rebecca Lee says:

    I recently ombre’d my hair with a blue dye. It was between this and another brand. I now wish I would’ve went with this brand because I had to dye my hair darker to hide the faded blue/green color lol your hair is fabulous! ❤️

  4. I have a similar hair tone to yourself and these new ‘at home’ dyes have really scared me since I’ve seen so many horror stories online! But that faded lilac look is just so stunning and nice to hear it washes out easily. Might be tempted myself!


    • bbbryony says:

      Before using this dye I haven’t used a box dye in 3 years in the fear that it’ll ruin my hair, it hasn’t at all though which i’m so pleased about! you should give it a go! x

  5. BRYONY. this looks GORGEOUS. i really wish i had the balls to dye my hair a crazy colour – ive wanted pink for quite a while but im such a wimp haha. but this is making me really, really want to just get on with it…i like that it comes out quite quickly too! it’s really lovely and subtle, looks cracking babe!!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com ♥

    • bbbryony says:

      aw thank you so much! I’m planning on giving the rose gold shade from this brand a go next, i’m sure it’ll wash out quick too, you should give it a go!! x

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