I’ve aware that not all of these posts are ones that have been published in November, but that’s the month that I discovered them in. It still counts, I swear.

These posts are wrote by some girls who are absolutely killing it with their blogs at the moment, these posts I’ve selected are just a little insight to that. If you have a few spare minutes you should pop over to their blog, my little synopsis doesn’t do there’s total justice.

BETH SANDLANDBlogging and Relatability 

Absolutely nailed the topic, couldn’t of been wrote any better. This post addresses the fact that some bloggers nowadays promote such high end brands eg: YSL, BOBBI BROWN or do really expensive hauls of crazy amounts like 5 thousand. Something that most people, including myself can’t relate to. Their blog becomes more of an idolisation than a like minded individual you can relate too. There’s nothing stopping them doing those things also there’s nothing wrong with it, is just an interesting thought, do we read blogs to relate or to idolise, or both? If this topics in your interest you should pop over and read Beth’s post, she’s spoken about the issue in much more depth than I have here.

CHLOE ALICE LILYSh*t You Should Never Ask A Blogger 

Chloe’s blog is one that I’ve come to adore very much over the past month, she’s now in my list of bloggers that I’ll read EVERY post! This particular post is one I can relate to on so many levels. Chloe lists a few questions every blogger doesn’t appreciate hearing,  for example, ‘you have a beauty blog, are you trying to be Zoella?’, this is the exact reason I haven’t shared or spoke about my blog on my personal Facebook, My blog is for me, i’m not trying to be anyone else, also blogging isn’t only for well known people.

RHIANNON OLIVIAI’m Shit At Balance And I Want To Do Too Much 

I have so many hobbies and things on my to-do list in everyday life. They range from my 9-5 job (sometimes until 9 in the evening) , climbing, canoeing, photography, blogging, seeing family, boyfriend, friends, that’s just to name a few. In this post Rhiannon talks about how she tries to balance many many things she wants to get done. I think a lot of us nowadays task ourselves with more than what we are capable of,  leaving us disappointed of VERY rundown, it’s a real interesting read especially if you feel the same way.

What blog posts have you been loving this month?

Bryony xx




  1. Holly
    December 14, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    I’ve found some great reads thanks to you sharing them in this post! These are really good topics that have been covered too. The “I want to do too much” one is so relatable.

    Holly x

    • bbbryony
      December 14, 2017 / 6:55 pm

      it really is, glad you enjoyed reading it too x

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