Hello! I’m Laura, 25 and living in North Lancashire, UK. Still living north of the wall and this year working towards opening my own business in the pet/animal industry. Talk about #girlboss 😉

I’m an ‘anything & everything’ blogger at twenties something girl. In my little space, you can find anything from Lifestyle, beauty, advice & tips, fashion, baking, my pets and even just a jibber jabber.

I’m a girl who enjoys the little things in life, and this year my main focus is on happiness. You can find me enjoying the countryside with my pooch, Rex, wind in our hair. Enjoying a good ol’ bubble bath scrolling through Instagram or creating even more boards on Pinterest. Or even just having a super cosy night in!! (Which is probably my most favourite pastime). I’m a real down to earth kinda gal, and I live off authenticity and positive, strong people.

At the beginning it was my work with animals and wildlife that made me start blogging, may be surprising to some but I’m a real outdoors girl! Animals and wildlife are a huge part of my life and I guess it’s where I found my love for writing. I created a little wildlife blog to document all my adventures and experiences. It was never something I wanted to push but it was nice to write it all down and share it with my friends and family.

Whilst volunteering at my local RSPCA wildlife hospital they asked me to post one blog a week on their main channel. This gave me such a boost! I was becoming more confident in the way I wrote and it made me happier than ever that so many people tuned in to read my weekly adventures.

I guess in the end it was the enjoyment and confidence I got from writing and from the people who read my posts. As my life got a little more stable, I wanted to get back into blogging but for ‘me’ this time. As I’ve grown I’ve developed new interests and I wanted a space that included all the things I love and enjoy in life. So I plucked up the courage, went self-hosted and that’s how Twenties Something Girl was created! It’s a little space, I’ve created to match my personality. I blog about anything I enjoy from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, baking, pets basically anything in life!! I enjoy not having a specific limit on what subject to write about, to me if I enjoy it and want to share it, I’ll write about!


If you’ve read the above question you’ll know that I first started writing whilst working with wildlife. Deep down I’ve always been a creative person and enjoyed writing and once I learnt about blogs and how easy it was to create your space, I was all hands on deck!

I started blogging about wildlife and my experiences with animals in 2015, this wasn’t a blog I pushed, rather a space I dedicated to documenting my adventures and experiences and if my family and friends wanted to read it, great! It went on for a couple of years and as my life and career became near enough 100% of my time I slowly stopped.

In November 2017, twenties something girl was born!! I really wanted to have full control over my new and improved corner or the Internet, therefore I decided to spend that little extra money and time and went self-hosted. I can safely say it was the best decision I made! I haven’t been blogging for long on TSG but I have enjoyed writing for so many years and the thought of creating this space and connecting with other amazing bloggers made me a little anxious and I questioned myself A LOT! But one day I decided to go for it and I’ve LOVED every single minute. I’m still learning so much but I’ve connected with so many lovely bloggers and really enjoying the content I’ve created so far. Most surprisingly people actually read my content and are enjoying it! I’m looking forward to many more years in the blogging community, and excited to see what happens next… !


Where do I start! There are so many reasons I love blogging. I think I have to start with having that space, that’s completely mine to write and share anything I want! I mean what’s better than taking control of your own things in life #girlboss!!

I also love the creativity, being able to take control of the look of your blog, matching it towards your personality. I really enjoy creating new posts, once I’m happy with the content, I love taking the pictures, editing them and that feeling at the end when you’re so happy with your post, you just can’t wait to publish it!!! I mean I have those days when I aim to snap so many gorgeous photos, and at the end HATE them all!

Lastly, I’d have to say, feeling connected! I had no idea how HUGE the world of blogging actually was. I created my twitter account and published my blog in November 2017, and honestly, I didn’t think I was going to make it. I was so eager to get sharing and get connected to other bloggers, I just forgot these things take time!

I decided to keep going and just remember that I created this blog firstly for myself. Now I understand that building followers etc takes time and patience, and I can truly say I think I’m on the right path. I don’t want to simply build a number on my blog and other social media accounts, I want to build a friendship, a following of strong independent bloggers! People that understand and actually want to read your blogs and see little snippets of your life.

Yes, I’ve only just started and the fact that things are looking up gets me so freakin excited! I’ve started to build friendships and speaking to new people, I’ve got blogs I really enjoy reading every single day! I’m following more and more and becoming inspired by everyone’s passion for blogging. I finally feel connected, and I LOVE IT!!


I’m very ambitious, I love doing so many things and being able to do something different every week/month/year. I mean you’re never limited when it comes to hobbies and interests, as you grow older and become wiser, you develop new interests and gain new hobbies.

I LOVE TO BAKE! That’s one hobby I’ve never and will never change. Not saying I’m anywhere near Mary Berry, but I have so much fun recreating recipes and you guessed it! Eating my bakes at the end.😉

Photography is close to my heart, especially wildlife photography. I also don’t necessarily mean my photography, I love admiring others work. I have a few wildlife photography books lying around the house I enjoy peering into and gaining inspiration from. I follow a few photographers on Instagram, mainly again wildlife but the feeling they give me when I fall instantly in love with a breathtaking moment they’ve captured, its second to none!

I really enjoy Instagram and Pinterest, I think deep down I’m quite a creative person who lacks the physical ability to be creative! I love photography and so I really enjoy trying to capture moments and beautiful pictures. Some people might say ‘your not actually seeing the beauty when you’re stood behind a lens, but to me I am. I love the look of sharing snippets, moments of your life with people, plus I enjoy having a good old nosey at everyone else’s!!!

I also enjoy the little things in life, reading, being outside, looking at vintage depops, home decor, house plants, dining at new places with friends and family. I LOVE feeling cosy and to me nothing’s better than spending an evening having a bubble bath, pampering, getting into some Pjs, lighting some candles, grabbing a hot chocolate and binging on a good TV series!! Urgh I LOVE IT!


I haven’t been blogging long on TSG, but I think the advice/tips I mainly live by is; to firstly have fun! And secondly to not over care what other people/bloggers think of you and your content.

I think it’s so important, especially at a time when *social stats* are a high focus point, to keep in mind why you started your blog. The blogging world is HUGE and so the content you create will be of interest to someone.

The world of blogging is so diverse if you stick to what you enjoy creating and don’t create posts that are just going to get a high following (I mean what could be worse than writing something you don’t necessarily enjoy)! Then your blog is going to feel more authentic and less forced and people are going to connect with that.

I live by being myself, a little motto for you to follow: ‘You be you’. If you live by that then your always going to enjoy and be happy with what you create and share in your little corner of the Internet.

So I guess my tip for new bloggers, as a newish blogger, is, do not worry! You’re going to do fab. Don’t drive yourself insane or self-doubt yourself with social stats and following counts. Blogging isn’t about that, it’s about creating something beautiful.


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