A type of palette of this price is what I would call a mega treat, it’s not something I would usually go and purchase as I just can’t justify the money. However, the babe of a shop which is Tk Maxx often gets delivered high-end products for a massive discount, for example, ‘Subculture’ was £19.99 instead of a whopping £43.00. That’s a saving of £23.01 which is amazing!

I spoke to one of the lovely ladies that work at my local store about why they’re priced so cheap as I didn’t want to be purchasing a fake. How I understood the process is that Tk Maxx receives the product directly from the supplier and because they are considered last seasons product they made have made too many and have too many sitting in warehouses. It could also be because they aren’t meeting their sales targets on selected items; however, Tk Maxx receives a limited stock so they sell out super fast.

For example, I purchased this palette the day after they were delivered and there were 2 left!! (I haven’t been asked to write about this don’t worry, I’m just genuinely shocked that you can get deals that are this amazing there so I had to share)

Now I’ve moved past the excitement of the price lets get on to what I thought about the palette itself!

Here’s a quick run-down on the shades in the palette/ my thoughts on them, starting at top left going to the right and then the same on the bottom row:

Cube: A bright white shimmer shade that appears holographic once it’s applied to the skin, it’s gorgeous for an inner corner highlight.

Dawn: A matte light Pink/Brown nude shade, it’s honestly the perfect nude colour.

Destiny: A medium matte Olive shade, perfect if you’re feeling a little experimental.

Adorn: An absolutely gorgeous Golden shimmer that has the most insane pigment to it, you’ll glow so much!

All Star: A matte Burgandy shade that has an undertone of Red, it blends out lovely in order to create a sunset eye look.

Mercury: It’s the colour you imagine the Planet would be, a medium matte Grey.

Axis: A stunning matte dark blue shade that has a slight green tint to it.

Roxy: It’s one of my favourite light Pink/ Nude shades, it’s looks stunning blended with Dawn and Cube.

Electric: I WOULD BUY THE PALLETE JUST FOR THIS SHADE AND I COULD WRITE AN ESSAY ON HOW MUCH I DAMN LOVE IT. It’s a super shimmery light Green shade, so shimmery that once it’s applied it’ll look like you’re wearing glitter. I never normally wear any Green shade but this one is honestly on another level, I would use it every single day if I wasn’t worried about it running out.

Fudge: A matte Brown shade that appears to look like a light Chocolate colour.

New Wave: A lovely matte Orangey Yellow shade which is the perfect colour for the transition shade in a sunset eye look.

Untamed: A dark matt Green that has a slight tint of Blue to it.

Edge: A super pigmented medium Yellow shade that is, in fact, my favourite Yellow shade ever!

Rowdy: A dark matte Purple that has an undertone of Blue, I’m still a little scared to use this one in an eye look.

The shades in this palette are so pigmented that you only needed to lightly dip your brush in to have enough to do an eye or maybe even both. If you swirl your brush around in a shade you’ll for sure end up with way too much on your brush and it’ll cause fallout to be left in the pan.

I should also add the brush that is provided with the palette is of really good quality; It’s a double ended brush, one end is perfect for applying the colour and the other for blending the shades out. If you were to buy this as your first eyeshadow palette you would be able to do your shadow with just this one brush.

Would I purchase this Palette again?

If I had the spare money to buy Subculture again when it runs out I 100% would; I couldn’t imagine not having those shimmers in my makeup collection. It’s so worth your money, it’s such a high-quality palette that is definitely worth the investment.

What do you think of the Subculture palette?

Bryony x


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