Highlights of the month:

I drove on a motorway for the first time:

On the 20th September, I set off to drive to Cambridge thinking that I’d set my satnav to avoiding motorways; however, I clearly hadn’t. I was half an hour into my journey when my satnav said in its posh voice ‘in 450 feet turn right onto the M11’, I was like wait what, no that can’t be right. Despite the fact I was super scared to drive on motorways I went ahead and did so, this is because I wanted to get there so bad as I was seeing Steph. I wasn’t giving up after I got that far. I DID IT, YAY! (I did avoid the motorway on the route home and it was a much nice drive, despite the wind)

I made a new best pal, who’s so incredibly lovely:

I met a lovely blogger who lives not too far from me called Steph and oh my did we have the best day ever. We spent it walking through Cambridge, taking blog pictures, eating at the cute cafe’s, baking cakes and just having bundles of laughs.

It honestly felt like we had known each other for ages, there wasn’t one single moment where either of us thought ‘oh, this is awkward’. I genuinely believe it was the start of a beautiful friendship, at least I hope so.

I started a Youtube channel:

I’ve started up a channel which has the link name of bryonymariee.

I honestly enjoy filming the video’s for it so much, it’s such a joy to whip out my camera and start chatting away. I can guarantee lots more videos are going to be coming your way on there and I’d love it if you could join me on my journey!

I managed to reach 7k followers on Twitter and 4.3k on Instagram:

How did I even do this? If you’re reading my blog because you follow me on one of those platforms then thank you ever so much, I’m over the moon. I can’t believe that number of people want to see my content or have at least pressed a follow button, lol.

I went to a beautiful wedding in Cornwall with Lew:

We spent the weekend down at Tregenna Castle in St Ives and it was honestly an amazing experience. The grounds are beyond beautiful, it’s such a breathtaking venue to hold a wedding! (I took many photos which are now up over on my Instagram.)

We sang Disney songs on our 8-hour journey, met some lovely new people, ate some amazing food, danced till late and loved it all!

I became more motivated with my blog:

I’ve recently created myself a new evening routine which has helped me to become much more productive. The fact I’m getting more done is making me motivated to do more, it’s a loop that can only end in more content that I love and I’m down for that!

The slightly less good moments of the month:

The darker evenings drawing in:

As much as I love Autumn for knitted jumpers, flasks of tea you can take everywhere, knitted hats, wearing dressing gowns all the time etc I’m not a fan of the darker evenings. The shorter days definitely make me feel more lonely even though I haven’t changed anything in my routine, there’s just something about the early darkness that’s slightly depressing. I’m no longer to meet my friends in the evenings to have a BBQ or to go out on the water for a paddleboard, the day ends earlier and it seems like the general hours of happiness are shorter. Is anyone even following here, lol

I got told I have a skin condition, that should go but not that quickly:

I can’t remember the name of what I have, it’s something complicated. I basically have itchy blotches on my back (nice I know, thanks for telling me bry). I hate it so damn much, I can’t even begin on how much I miss my skin having no issues.

My lovely doctor has given me some cream for it so hopefully, within another few weeks, it should clear up, fingers crossed!

What’ve been your highlights of September?

Bryony x


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  1. October 5, 2018 / 6:23 am

    Ahh that’s so amaze that your drove on the motorway – well done!! And that’s so cool you met a blogger friend, I may be meeting a blogger friend IRL soon and I’m sooo nervous it’ll be awkward and we won’t know what to say!

    Lexie x

    Ps I just came from your Insta + i love your blog💛

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