(This preset is still available however now to access you need to go to Jade’s preset store in her blog. Then at the top will be an option for the free preset, it will then take you to a new webpage where you will need to enter your name and email and the preset will be sent to you)

I’ve been thoroughly intrigued about free Lightroom presets ever since I started using the app for editing. I had so many questions like, how on earth do you download them? can you actually get them on the mobile version? will they make my images look better? etc. I thought today I would put a preset to the test so we can answer these questions together.

The free preset I’ve used is from Jade Archives and it’s called the ‘The Pink Preset’ .

The file was nice and simple to download I just had to click ‘add to cart’ and then at the checkout I had to enter my email address so the file could be sent over to me.

Inside the zip file that was emailed there were two different files, one for the desktop version of Lightroom and another for the free mobile version. Here’s where the download got a little complicated, basically when I tried to open the zip file on my mobile it just wouldn’t work and I couldn’t download it. The way I got around this issue was by downloading the file onto my laptop and then emailing it across to myself.

The file I received contained a blank white screen which was the dng file of the preset image, this is because the image itself will not show until imported into Lightroom. Once I added the image into Lightroom I could see the preset image; I then clicked on the three little dots in the top right and corner and pressed ‘copy settings’. I was then able to go onto an image of my own and press ‘paste settings’ and the filter was applied.

Here’s an example of an image I put through the filter:



It’s clear that the preset did make my image pinker toned like it claimed it would and personally I believe it also improved the appearance of the image. I would add the edited one to my Instagram for sure!

Here are a few other examples of the preset in use:

Just to clarify, the first image is the one without the filter and the second image is once the Pink preset has been applied.

It’s defiantly different to the orange toned editing I usually go for however I’m really digging the final look of these images. It even tempting me to change my theme (or attempt at one) to the pinkier one.

Overall I think it’s a fantastic preset, I was able to find it, download it and use it all within the space of ten minutes. I can’t argue with that! OH and again it’s totally free; if you’re unsure how to change the settings yourself in Lightroom to change the appearance of an image I would recommend a free preset like this one. If you find that you get along with it you may then want to go an purchase another that’s more expensive, Instagram is your oyster.

What do you think of this preset?

Bryony x

*This is a sponsored post, however, I found the preset myself and all opinions are my own



  1. December 17, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    I love her editing. Like her insta is just pink paradise. It worked lovely on your photos as well. 🙂

    • bbbryony
      December 17, 2018 / 5:09 pm

      I know it’s so lovely, thanks gal x

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