It’s 8:53 on Sunday evening, I’m currently on my 15th cuppa tea and 5 hours into watching Gossip Girl, it’s been one of those evenings.

It’s a surprise that I haven’t cracked out the chocolate ice-cream yet, lol.

I thought I would take the time to document the little trip to Cornwall Lewiss and I embarked on the last weekend for a friends wedding. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a super long and tiring weekend, however, some great memories were definitely made.

I finished work 2:30 on Friday afternoon and drove straight over to Lewiss’, we loaded the car when he got home from work and set of at 6pm. It was a super long journey; in total it took us 9 hours.

I’d forgot how expensive snacks are at services and omg I felt robbed when the cashier at WHSmiths asked for £10 for an Egg Mayo sandwich, a bottle of water and a tub of chocolates.

We finally arrived at our Travelodge at 2:30pm and I crashed asleep straight away.

I woke at 9:00 the next morning to glam myself up with my fav Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup and a sparkly Topshop dress from like 7 seasons ago. Despite the major outfit repeating I still managed to get some compliments on it, YASS!

The wedding was held in the beautiful Tregenna Castle which is near St.Ives in Cornwall, I was obsessed with how pretty the views are!

We arrived a couple of hours early so very kindly Lew offered to take some pictures of me on the grounds for my Instagram, what an absolute gem. Here’s a few:

The ceremony was held outside with a view of the sea and it was the most gorgeous and special moment, I was so happy for the couple.

Following this, we had the loveliest three-course meal of fish cakes, mushroom risotto followed by sticky toffee pudding, yum. We then continued to dance the night away to all the super cheesy tunes and the classics such as ‘Mr Brightside’, in fact, In the moment that song came on I downed my glass so I could dance my ass off to the tune!

The following morning started with extremely sleepy me wanting a decent cuppa tea so we packed up our Travelodge room and set off to find a cute local cafe. We went into the local town of St.Ives and found the cutest tea room which did pancakes all day, my kinda place. We ordered a few to share between us we had a Nutella one, Strawberries and Ice Cream and Brie and Cranberry. I wish we had pancake shops like that around here omg.

I was disappointed that we were only able to spend a couple of hours in the town before having to set off on our long trek home. We’ve said that we’re going to make it back at some point soon to have a much better explore and actually get down to the beach, as well as checking out many many more tea shops.

Our journey home took us a total of nearly 10 hours due to traffic and a few pit stops, it was such a tiring day; in fact, it was even more tiring than a 12-hour shift at work.

I found myself left exhausted for the next week, my body just couldn’t keep up with how little sleep I was getting, when I say little sleep I mean under 10 hours in a night. It’s now the following Sunday and I feel like I’ve only just started to catch up on sleep, lol.

Have you visited Cornwall before?

Bryony x


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