I find at the moment the days and the weeks pass by so quickly and before we know it we realise 2018 is almost over. I thought I would take a few months out of being busy to make a list of the small things in life I’m super grateful for, here they are:

  • My boyfriend who after almost 3 years still appreciates and makes me feel special every day; I love him a little bit more all the time. (soz not soz that was a bit soppy)
  • My blog which has helped me to express myself and gain self-confidence; I started off not wanting to tell anyone about it now I’m like HELL YAS I HAVE A BLOG. Like it or lump it, it’s here to stay.
  • The fact that slightly younger me chose to blog of WordPress instead on Blogger, it’s so much easier to use and I’ve saved myself the faff of having to pay someone to change my platforms over. Winner, winner!
  • Lazy Sundays, it’s fair to say that every now and then we all need time to recuperate and relax.
  • My health, I’m fit and well and there’s nothing physically stopping me doing anything I want to with my life.
  • Any person who greets’s you would ‘would you like a cuppa tea’ those people really know the way to someone’s heart.
  • A good book that you can get lost into for hours on end causing you to forget about everything else around you.
  • Being able to make new friends through social media due to the common interest of blogging and taking instagrammle pictures
  • Those friends that will text you out of the blue to ask ‘how’s your day been’ and just to check up on how you are, so adorable!
  • The fact that I have a local gym I was able to join( it gives me somewhere to go when I have no plans with pals but I want to get out of the house
  • Having a selection of dresses in your wardrobe for ‘nice events’ so when you get invited to a wedding you can outfit repeat rather than stressing about spending more money on clothes
  • Having grandparents who’re so lovely and welcoming and helpful and will welcome you round with an egg mago sandwich and a good cuppa whenever you fancy!

What things are you grateful for in life?

Bryony x


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