it’s August 2018 and I’ve only just tried a setting spray, how have I left it this long?

we all know the best-claimed setting spray is Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ however that doesn’t fit into my budget so I wanted to test out a cheap drugstore one. I believe the Obsession one was £6.99 and luckily I had enough points on my Superdrug card for it so it was like a lil freebie, a present back for buying so much makeup.

I’m aware some people apply their setting spray after just their base and others putting it on after finishing their whole look; for me personally, I prefer to apply the setting spray once my makeup is complete. The bottle instructs you to ‘mist your face 2-4 times in a T or X formation’, personally I do about 6-8 mists just to make sure my whole face is well covered.

On the day I was testing out the ‘Matte Fix’ spray I applied my make up at 10:30 and covered my face in the mist. I thought that I would then check up on my makeup throughout the day to log any creases in eye-shadow/ foundation and to see if my base goes patchy at all. I’m making sure that I don’t re-apply any make-up at all throughout the day so I can get a true view of how well the spray works.

13:00 – My whole face is glowing just as much as when I applied my make-up, yasss

16:00 – The foundation (Maybelline Super Stay) coverage isn’t quite so full on my chin anymore, however, there is still product there

16:30 – My highlight which was Revolution Pro Ice has started to fade and lose its shimmer

18:00 – My foundation has gone cakey around my nose and lost some of its coverage, however, this is the area of my face that gets the oiliest.

18:30 – My highlight has nearly all gone and my contour looks rather messy; I guess this is due to the highlight fading so it’s appearing as a dark like on my foundation. (not what you’re after)


The rest of my base was still full coverage and looked almost the same as when I’d first applied it in the morning.

I’m talking from an opinion of a person who has never tried another setting spray, so I have nothing else to compare it too. However, I think for the drugstore price it is you really can’t complain; it definitely pro-longes your make-up creasing and fading away.

I use it on a daily now, it’s an extra step in my makeup routine that I’ll never stop using!


Bryony x


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