This time of year I’m an absolute sucker for a darker lip colour, it’s the perfect extra to go with my teddy coat and fluffy bobble hat aka the perfect bonfire night outfit.

I’ve only recently found out about Odylique and I’m already a big fan, here are a few reasons why:

  1. They’re CRUELTY-FREE
  2. There are no traces of palm oil in the products (I didn’t realise pal oil was a bad thing until viewing the latest Iceland advert that wasn’t allowed to be aired on tv; y’know the one where the orangutan is in the girl’s bedroom because it’s home forest had been chopped down for palm oil, the advent broke my heart)
  3. The packaging is super duper cute with the flower on the side that looks like it’s been hand drawn.
  4. The lipsticks themselves are of SUCH good quality, let’s touch on that in a little more detail.

What I thought of the Lipsticks:

I have two of their lipsticks, one is in shade 16 aka ‘Cherry Tart’ which is a dark red and the other is in shade 18 aka ‘Fig Fondant’ which I would describe as a pale red with an undertone of brown. They’re both priced at £18.00 so they’re a bit more expensive than your typical drugstore lipstick however they would be a great

I’ve found they’re both so easy to apply and they’re super creamy on your lips (this could be because they contain fairtrade shea butter). I’ve also noticed it doesn’t matter if my lips are a little bit chapped or dry it still applies nicely to my lips, unlike a mattifying liquid lipstick. This makes me think that the brand has really thought about the formula of their product, oh let’s make autumnal shades, it’s cold that time of year and gals normally get cracked/ dry lips so let’s make it creamy, YASS! what a winner

I wore the lipstick shade 18 for an afternoon to test out how long lasting it would be, it’s an important one as if you’re going out you need to know if you’re going to have to keep re-applying. I found it stayed on until I started drinking and eating which I guess is expected due to its creamy formula as it hasn’t stuck to your lips as much as a matte liquid lipstick. I didn’t see it as an issue, it just means you’ve got to remember to top it up after drinking a cuppa tea or having your lunch etc.

After trying these out I have been partly converted back to stick lipsticks over liquid ones as they can feel so much nicer on your lips.

If you would like to purchase any of their lipsticks you can use my code ‘BRYONY15’ in order to get 15% off your order.

*The lipsticks in this post where gifted however all the opinions are my own

Bryony x



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  1. November 26, 2018 / 1:46 pm

    I’m a big lover of stick lipsticks so it’s always nice to come across a new brand, particularly that’s currently free and ethically sourced! Would be such a lovely treat for yourself, or chritsmas gift for someone else. x

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