When I started my blog a couple of years ago I made a decision to share parts of my life online. We all love to share the amazing moments, the big achievements we’re able to make however we aren’t so keen to talk about the matters that aren’t so good.

I made a choice to share my life as real as I can, so, therefore, I’m not going to sit here right now and write about how amazing everything is as I would be TOTALLY lying.

We can have moments that make us cry and feel like we are a little bit broken and quite frankly that’s me at the moment. I’m going to be open and speak about it as I don’t want to be portrayed as showing everything to be ‘pretty and perfect’ all the time because that isn’t real.

This is real.

Let’s start at the beginning of the story…

A few months ago you may have read my post titled ‘I Moved Out’ where I spoke about how I’d moved into a Flatshare with another girl. I was over the moon at the time and incredibly happy, I couldn’t see how anything could potentially go wrong.

lol, I was naive.

Let’s fast-forward to once I’d been there roughly a month.

I’d been spoken to about my blog and social media, it was in regards to the images I posted, basically, I wasn’t allowed to post them if they weren’t taken in my room. okay fair enough I guess. The bit that really shocked me was how it was said, it made me feel like my blog was a petty, silly, childish hobby that wasn’t very good and I was wasting my time on. I am an overthinker but that’s where my brain went too.

We’d yet to spend any real time together that wasn’t ‘hello, how was your day’ and I was starting to feel all around uncomfortable.

I don’t want to share too much plus I feel petty even talking about this so I’m keeping it to a minimum.

Let’s now go to once I’d been living there for 7 weeks.

I’d accepted that we weren’t going to be overly friendly which I thought was a shame, however, I was still v happy as I loved where I lived.

I went away for a couple of nights to stay at my friends and the next morning once I was back she pulled me for a chat. I was about to pop out to get some milk and crack on with my day of plans, the next thing is ‘erm, bryony can you move out as my friend is moving in?’.

The next day, I’m living back with my parents, it was a massive shock which upset me more than anything. If you’re thinking you’re over-reacting, please keep in mind there is only so much of this story I am sharing online, for example, I never shared the reason why I moved out to start with.

I still haven’t got my head around it as in 12 hours I went from everything being PERFECT to now feeling like a mess.

It’s a weird one.

Maybe take a life lesson from my experience, doing a flat share/ rent a room with someone you don’t know doesn’t work.

I feel like I do need to end of a positive, luckily I have a little one.

This month I did my first ever sponsored post which I got paid for, it got me so excited as I never thought I’d get to that point with this little blog of mine!

How was your November? 

Bryony x



  1. December 2, 2018 / 3:12 pm

    How awful and frustrating for you!!! Hopefully things look up soon, and just try to remember that it’s probably for the best as she doesn’t sound good to live with. Congratulations on your sponsored post though!! x

    – Charlotte / myownblogofthoughts.blogspot.com

  2. December 2, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    Oh this is so shit, I’m so sorry this happened. I’d actually love to live with you we’d have a right old ball. You could take photos wherever you want. We could have photoshoots! It would be amazeballs. At least your out now, and she doesn’t deserve your time.

    I must say my Novemeber was a little better than yours by the sounds of it, I did a roundup on my blog! So buzzed to be in December though xx

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