A couple of months ago I was talking to one of my friends I’ve known since I was 13; we were discussing friendships and how it’s so much harder to make new friends now we’ve left school.

We were chatting about how you actually make new friends in your early twenties, these are the only ways we could come up with:

  • through work (if you work in a sociable place with others who are a similar age)
  • clubs you could attend in the evening, such as gym workout classes but even then it’s rare to start a conversation with someone new
  • going back into education, aka taking an evening college class or going to university
  • online through social media

My friends went on to inform me that one of the factors that made her want to go to uni was the social side. The opportunity to live with new people, many new people too, like you’re guaranteed to make new friends.

We realised that now we have hit our twenties the old friends you used to know have either moved away, got new friends or you’ve just drifted apart. It’s natural and part of life however it can leave you feeling a little lonely. Personally, I knew I was never going to uni so I had to find another way to make new friends; this is when I turned to make friends online.

Online friendships, something that’s viewed as dodgy by the older generation. You can imagine your nan saying but you don’t know who they really are, they could be an old man pretending to be a young girl. I understand their point of view as the internet wasn’t around like it is today when they were young, but if someone has faked a Twitter, Instagram, Blog, and Youtube as someone else, like how?!?

I’ve found having a blog has created a new social circle for myself, I’ve spoken to so many new people since starting mine and they’re all so lovely. It’s the most supportive and welcoming community, everyone is more than happy to have a chat with someone new. I mean who couldn’t do with a few more friends, the more the better, eh?

Despite making these friends online they have become my real life friends too; I was ever so lucky to become friends with two bloggers who live only 40 minutes away from me. That’s no distance at all now that I can drive!

I’ll find myself arranging regular shoot days, sleepovers (this makes me sound 12 but I couldn’t think of a better word for it), concerts and tea dates. Honestly, my social life is the best it has ever been and to top it all off I have a website that I’m immensely proud of. The best of both worlds as my babe Hannah Montana would say.

The best way to start is by losing the fear of ‘they might think I’m weird’ or ‘what if they don’t reply?’. I’m pretty sure most people these days wouldn’t turn down a friendship if they do, never mind, at least you know you’ve tried.

I’ve heard that someone people use the app called ‘Bumble’ that’s originally designed as a dating app to make new friends. I’m guessing the app allows you to select that you’re looking for a friend and the distance away that they live.

How have you made new friends in your twenties?







  1. January 20, 2019 / 9:33 am

    Gosh I totally agree with you. All of my closest friends are those I made when I was younger, and I find it incredibly hard to create the same connections with those that I have met in the more recent years. I do find that the blog community is incredible, though, and I’m so glad to have found a tribe through it that is really supportive!

  2. January 22, 2019 / 6:45 pm

    Making friends is so tough as you get older! I happened to date someone awhile back who played darts and got me into it and I’ve made some good friends through playing. I met my husband at a tournament actually! But outside of that and work we seem talk to the exact same people that we gave for YEARS. I did recently launch my blog and I have met some amazing bloggers online! Definitely starting to form friendships there!

  3. March 11, 2020 / 11:46 pm

    I’ve heard of a good bit of people using bumble and other apps to make friends. I have had best luck making friends through work, at the gym or at another common interest place

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