I’ve been to my fair share of gigs, in fact when I was around 16 I don’t think I went more than a couple of months without one.

I’ve created a list of things you’ll be able to remember if you went to a lot of gigs as a teen.

  1. You would want to get to the venue 10 hours before the doors open so you can stand at the barrier, the barrier was EVERYTHING
  2. You would have a countdown app on your phone displaying how many days until your next gig
  3. You would make a Facebook status to let everyone know when you managed to get tickets to see your fav band
  4. The show would be all you spoke about the next day at school
  5. You would save up your pocket money so you can buy as much band merch as possible
  6. You would buy ‘Kerrang’ magazine so you could rip out the posters to stick them all over your bedroom wall
  7. Your Christmas/Birthday wishlist would always include gig tickets
  8. You would make your parents/ your friends parents who’re driving you to the gig play the music of who you’re going to see for the whole journey
  9. ‘I’ve lost my friend’ became the way you could push through the crowd to get closer to the front
  10. You would end up with a collection of those plastic wristbands with the name of the band on it
  11. When the main act finally came on everyone would run forwards and push closer to the barrier
  12. The crowd would always be dead for the first support bands, you’d get a few people awkwardly standing there nodding their heads
  13. You would always end up gasping for a drink/ a whole bottle of water before the main bands come on, but you couldn’t leave or you’d lose your space.
  14. You’d soon learn that it’s better not to take a coat and queue to get into the cloakroom, you would rather freeze in the queue
  15. Most times there would be someone that passes out and has to be carried out by security
  16. You would find it super annoying when the people around you stood still and didn’t dance or jump along to the music
  17. It wasn’t possible to not get kicked by a crowd surfer
  18. No matter how much you straightened your hair before you left the house when you leave the gig it would be super messy

Which ones of these can you relate too?

Bryony x




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  1. April 17, 2019 / 5:17 pm

    Hahaha, so true! Except I never queued for too long and stopped doing that 5 or so years ago, between work and university I never had the time to queue. I also have come to detest the barricade, it’s much more fun to be in the crowd! I have two gigs on my birthday weekend later this month that I’m super excited for!

    Rachel ||

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