This is going to be one of those posts that some might find cringe-worthy to read. Yes, you’ve realised we’re talking about contraception and all the nitty gritty girly details regarding it. Let’s be real though if you’re female and haven’t had any embarrassing stories regarding first periods, first time trying contraceptions etc then gurl I envy you, is that even possible?

Okay so I think I was Seventeen when I first started on the Pill, I remember I was in year 12 which was the first year of the sixth form for me. I remember one of my close gal pals going to the school nurse to get the pill and I thought hey this sounds like a good idea, better to be safe than sorry all of that. I decided I would join and ask for it too. Blimey, isn’t it intimidating when a nurse is asking you lots of personal questions whilst you’re sat there thinking in your head should I really be here? The one that mega scared me was ‘is there any chance you could be pregnant?’ no no no, I’m totally sure the answer is no but when you’re asked by a professional your heart starts to race sending you into a panic. I mean little me hadn’t even had sex but I was scared sitting in this room being questioned. I guess it’s the fear of the unknown, quite like when you have to wear a pad for the first time and the whole day you’re worried about leaking out and getting laughed at; it makes you feel somewhat inhuman, to begin with.

The pill I was given by the school nurse was called Rigevidon. I was told that no matter what take it at the same time every day and don’t forget; it was hard to take in all the information as my head was whizzing with all the side effects from blood clots to weight gain and nausea. This is scary stuff for any teenager who’s sneaking around to the school nurse and feeling guilty about doing so.

I decided I would take my pill at break time every day as that’s the time my best pal took hers so we could remind each other. I’d been taking it for a couple of days everything had been going okay until I woke up early one morning feeling rather uneasy; this then leads to nausea. I tried not to think too much of it and carried on with my day, the same thing happened the next morning, at the EXACT same time and the next morning. By this point, I was terrified, we’d all heard of morning sickness so that’s what jumped to the forefront of my mind.

I decided I would stop taking this pill as everything was scaring me and I was totally freaking out as you can probably imagine. I went to the school nurse and it turned out that I was just having side effects from the pill, what a sigh of relief. It wasn’t agreeing with me so I had to change to another one, I was then moved over to one called Cerelle which I got on a million times better with. (I’m no longer on any pills at all, I currently have the implant which I had put in about a year ago. If you would like to know more about this then let me know and I can write a post about that too)

The side effects were occurring the same time every day by a coincidence, nothing was wrong, I hadn’t done anything wrong. There are a lot of side effects that can occur from contraception which could frighten if you don’t know it’s the pill that’s causing it. I guess the key to this is communication, talking to your doctor, family and friends about anything abnormal that’s happening. It’s a shame that the topic of contraception isn’t one that’s talked about much in secondary school, it’s something you’re made to feel dirty for being on. I think this is so wrong and more information should be available about it.

What was your first experience on the pill like?

Bryony x


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  1. May 16, 2019 / 5:43 pm

    I’ve been on a fair few different pills now and my body did not agree with the combined pill at all, it made me feel so nauseous it was horrible. It also led to my anxiety getting particularly bad, so I stopped that pill. I’ve also tried the mini pill which sadly didn’t work for me either. Its been a wild ride with contraception not gonna lie!

    Lucy | Forever September

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