Lifestyle improvements may start in the home, but they eventually enter and take over your everyday normal and even professional life. It’s crazy how many gadgets are now out to make the little things in your life quicker and easier, you name an activity and there is a gadget for it. 

I’ve been looking into some snazzy new inventions which I would totally invest in if I could afford it.

Here are 3 of my favourites:

A new set of wheels

Let’s start off with the most complex, your work life. In the modern-day and age, we’re all trying to find a balance between home and work lives. We want a good balance but different things for both. For your work life, consider getting a new car that allows you more freedom and style. The newest C-class is right up there in terms of comfort and features. Look at your local Mercedes Benz Dealers and see if they have a C-class sedan in their line up or showroom. Usually, this is the best model to get for those that live around 10+ miles from their work. Not only will you save money using a hybrid engine car but you have all the modern technological features to ease your stress in traffic and find new routes to work to avoid jams.

Out and about

As you can see when you go to any major city, there is more noise pollution than ever before. Road works, public transport, trains, buses, the clatter of feet on the pavement and much more amalgamates in the air. Wireless earphones are all the rage at the moment. But none of the largest brands has made their own noise-canceling product model yet. Apple and Beats are leading the way in sound quality, but Sennheiser Momentum is designed to be closed-ear earphones. They fit very snugly in your ear, minimizing outside noise and still allow you to take calls and notifications via Bluetooth. You can wear these earphones and not be bombarded with the hurl of noise in the metro train system during a commute. You won’t be disturbed when listening to an audiobook with this type of design.

One center control

When your home is cold in the morning, you don’t want to get out of bed to turn the heating up. Modern-day home hubs like Google Nest are allowing homeowners to control their central heating from one center. You can also get the weather report and the temperature for the day even before getting out of bed.

The technologies that are around today are making out lives so much easier, easier than we realise. Even the little things like being about to get google maps up on your phone to direct you in the car, not long ago we would have to be whipping out a map and finding the correct page to look on. It really makes me wonder where we are going to be with technology another 10 years on from today, I also dread to think! Will robots become a thing?

If I had the extra cash I would definitely be splashing on some of these technologies, what’s your favourite out of the three?

Bryony x

*This was a collaborative post


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