I can admit that over the years I have been guilty of not taking the best care of my hair, from using shop bought bleach kits to no heat protection, I’ve made the mistakes. I used to have very long hair when I was 15 but due to dying it and not taking proper care of it I’ve had to have a lot chopped off.

Now I am in my early twenties there is nothing I desire more than natural coloured long healthy hair; I’m in the process of getting there. I’ve been taking much better care of my hair over the past year and I can already feel it becoming thicker and healthier again.

Here are a few of my top tips to create healthy hair:

Using plaits instead of curlers 

I love to have a nice summery wave in my hair from time to time, it’s just such a cute style. My favourite way to achieve this is by leaving my hair in loose plaits over night, this way in the morning I have a light wave that isn’t too intense.

Researching a salon before you get a treatment there

This one is something I can’t stress enough, let me explain why.

It was probably about 18 months ago now that I decided that I wanted to go an ashy blonde colour all over, bearing in mind my natural colour is a mousy brown. I booked an appointment at my local hairdressers and off I went, got my hair done and I didn’t think much more of it. This was until one of my friends was asking me if I am booking any more ‘Olaplex’ treatments and my response was ‘what’s Olaplex?’. The salon I had gone to had used bleach on my hair and then a toner but no haircare products AT ALL to protect my hair from the damage it had been put through. After the treatment, by hair was feeling slightly dead as you may be expecting and I was too scared to use much heat on it for at least a few months.

This whole ordeal was partly my fault for not questioning the salon more about the process and what they were using prior to getting it done. However, I feel like it was a big learning experience; never book a hair dye/ major hair treatment without doing to research on what the salon is like. They may claim they can do this and that but the reviews will be what tells you if it is done well.

If I ever get my hair dyed again I’m going to be way more careful about where I go. I would defiantly spend that extra bit of money to know the salon is taking good care of my hair as it doesn’t take a week to grow back. I have been recommended some amazing salons such as Top Hairdresser Manchester which is 100% worth checking out.

Using conditioner sparingly

I try to only use conditioner on the tips of my hair as it find when I put in on my scalp it causes my hair to get greasier quicker, no gal wants that. I find by doing this I only need to wash my hair roughly every 3 days, 4 at a push.

Get regular haircuts

I’ve been the girl that only gets an annual hair cut as I want it to grow as long as it possibly can, I still never managed to get to a Rapunzel level.

I find now that I get my hair cut regularly, by this I mean around every 3 months, my hair has a lot less split end and feels ten times nicer to run my hands through. It’s true what they say by getting the dead ends cut off, it prevents them from splitting more leading to healthier hair and more growth.

Limit your usage of heat products

We all love to straighten, curl and hair dry our hair but we don’t always consider how much strain we are putting our hair under. These days I try to only straighten my hair when I’m going out somewhere with pals and I want to look that little bit nicer, on a regular workday I’ll plait or simply tie my hair back. In regards to hair drying, if I’m just lounging around for the day or evening then I’ll let my hair dry naturally as it’s not a necessity to blow dry it.

Invest in a decent pair of straighteners

I used to have a cheap £30 pair of straighteners that I picked up from Argos; I found these were taking ages to straighten my hair properly as well as causing some strands to break off. The problem with the straighteners taking ages to work is that the time your hair is under heat is increased, therefore increasing the damage done to the hair.

I have invested in some GHD’s and I’ve found they take under half the time to straighten all my hair, this is a winner, winner as it saves my time and reduces the heat time. They also leave my hair feeling healthy, by this I mean, I don’t feel as if I have created 50 split ends from the process.

Do you have any more tips to add?

Bryony x

*This post was sponsored but all opinions are my own

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