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A bathroom is one of the most important rooms to have a relaxing colour scheme and beautiful decor. Let me explain why: If you’re coming home from a long, maybe stressful, day at work one of the best ways to chill out is to have a bath, chuck in a bath bomb maybe even some essential oils, light a few candles and let your worries float away. I couldn’t imagine having a bath in a brightly lit, neon coloured room now, could you?

I honestly can’t wait until the day I purchase MY OWN house and I am able to decorate in however I please to fit my taste. I already have pinterests boards on lounge styles I like, bedroom decor and bathroom Interiors. You’ll hear all about it on here when I finally get my own place, trust me.

Here are some of my favourite trends currently found in UK bathrooms:


These are the kind of tiles you would find a white colour schemed bathroom, y’know the ones where you have the dark grey grouting in between each one. I think it looks so elegant and stylish at the same time. It allows a lot of light to still come into the room and you’re then able to add colour through features such as plants, a mirror, shelving units etc.


This is a fairly cheap and common accessory which you can pick up from pretty much every homeware store. It seems really basic to mention however it looks a million times nicer than a plain glass rectangular mirror.


I think these look so arty and creative, especially the homemade ones made of thick dark wood. It’s a great feature piece to have in the room that is also very handy for storage, think of the amount of candles and products you can store on there. I also love the idea of having a plant on the top shelf trailing down to add a bit more colour to the ladder.


A large free-standing bath is the dream, it screams luxury way more than a tub that’s attached on to the side of a wall. It’s one of those items you would expect to see in every grand designs home and fancy house advertisement.

An add on to make this even more dreamy is a bath tray, you know one of the ones where the tray hooks over either side of the bath creating a shelf. It’s perfect for having a glass of wine on, a reading book, a snack or maybe even an Ipad to watch your favourite series whilst you’re relaxing.


Once you have a beautifully designed bathroom the last thing you want to do is have clutter everywhere. It’s all about keeping your products to a minimal, for example, if there is only 2 of you in the house you need no more than 6 towels. For products, make sure they are away in a cupboard under sink or a unit when there aren’t being used so they aren’t making your room look messy.

What are your favourite bathroom trends?

Bryony x

*This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own


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