The ‘Green Man’ is a south Cambridgeshire village pub that’s located in the village of Thriplow, it sits about 20 minuites from the town centre. It’s well known by the locals for serving fresh, seasonal produce; it’s also open EVERY DAY of the week.

The decor in this place was ADORABLE, there was dim lighting with fairy lights around every wall. There were even scrabble letters spelling out our names on the table as we had made a booking, such a cute touch.


Beef & Horseradish Canopy

Whilst we were taking our time to browse the menu and decide what to order we were brought over complimentary canopies. I’ve never seen this done in a pub before, maybe somewhere super fancy in London but not at your standard village pub.

The menu was split up into main meal orders and a tapas menu; the tapas options were split up in £3, £4, £5 and £6 options so you can mix and match them.

Here’s what we went for:


Pitta Bread & Hummus

This has to of been one of the BEST Hummus’ I’ve ever tasted, I don’t think I’ve ever dipped a pitta bread so much, lol.


Halloumi & Sweet Chilli Sauce, Vegetable Samosa’s, Sweet Potato Fries and  Thick Cut Chips

All of the options were the perfect size for sharing between two people, well as long as one person doesn’t eat all the halloumi super quickly first. All of the dishes came with its own sauce ranging from flavoured mayonnaise to ketchup and more.

The pricing in this pub is super reasonable as our total bill for a 2 person tapas and drinks came of £25.00 which if you’re splitting the bill, £12.50 each. You would struggle to even get the main meal for that in the centre of Cambridge.

If you’re from around the Cambridge area then this is such a cute date location to consider; I know I’d rather go there than for a pint down the old local.

Have you visited this pub before?

Bryony x


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