jonny-caspari-f1URIvy-Yg8-unsplashUp until the age of 18, I lived with my parents in a small cosy little house. One of the rooms that weren’t as big as we would have liked was the bathroom, with just the space to fit a bath, sink and a storage unit. All I ever wanted to do was completely re-decorate and design the room to make better use out of the space we had, unfortunately, I was not ever allowed.

If I had the change to re-decorate here are a few of the tips and tricks I would have used:

Install A Corner Sink

Pedestal sinks and sinks set into cabinets can take up a lot of floor space, making it difficult to navigate around the bathroom. To free up more space to make maneuvering around the sink easier, you should opt for a corner sink. These intrude into the floor spaceless. 

Position the sink across from the toilet instead of across from the shower. Getting in and out of the shower and opening the shower door needs more space, meaning the sink could be in the way. Changing the layout of the bathroom can mean shifting all the plumbing around, which can be expensive. You could fund these changes with secured homeowner loans.

Use A Shower Curtain

A glass door to the shower looks nice and is trendy, but needs more of a footprint, as you need room for the door to swing out in order to open. Instead, opt for a shower curtain, that only needs to slide back and forth, taking up no more room than the shower itself. You can still choose a trendy design, but use up less space. A door that folds open sideways, like a bi-fold door, would also work well for the same reason. 

Change The Vanity Design

If you want a sink set into a vanity top, the design of the vanity of itself can make a lot of difference to how spacious the room feels. 

A vanity with a floating design helps to visually make the room appear less cramped. It also frees up some space at floor height to store some small items, like spare toilet rolls or the bathroom scales. Rounded edges also appear to make the space feel larger, and is also easier to move around. If you’re squeezing past a vanity with corners, you’re likely to just end up with a bruised hip. 

If the sink is next to the toilet, you can extend the edge of the vanity counter over the top of the toilet. As long as any buttons on the top are unobstructed, and the vanity doesn’t protrude forward in the way for anyone using the toilet, the function of the toilet isn’t affected at all, and you get a little extra counter space to work with. 

Use Large Scale Patterns

Large patterns, either on your tiles, walls or shower curtains create an illusion that tricks the eye into seeing a room as more spacious. This can work perfectly in small bathrooms to stop things feeling claustrophobic, and looks stylish and smart. 

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a classic decorating trick to make small spaces feel larger. They reflect light back into the room, making things feel lighter and brighter. The reflections fool the eye into viewing a space as larger too. 

Larger mirrors can be more practical too, especially if you share the bathroom. Two people can use a large mirror at the same time, without being in each other’s way.  

Get Smart With Storage

Storage space is often at a premium in small bathrooms, so you might have to get creative with your storage. First, try and slim down the amount of stuff you keep in there. Could things like extra toilet rolls or spare towels be kept somewhere else in the house?

Make use of space under the vanity to keep extra toiletries. Make use of vertical space for your storage where you can. Install hooks on the back of the door for your towel or your robe. Shelves above the toilet or under the sink can also be used for extra storage space. 

You could set your medicine into the wall, between the studs, to add storage in a way that won’t protrude forward into the room, taking up more space. Use pouches that hang over the door or over the frame of the shower for stashing things like your shampoo and your body wash. 

Create Height

If the ceiling is low, this will make the bathroom feel even smaller. Create the illusion of more height with uplighting, like a wall sconce. This will make the ceiling seem higher, making the room feel bigger. If narrowness is your problem, light one wall to make the room seem deeper. 

Install Floor Tiles

The pattern in the tiles you choose for the floor can also be used to give a look of a more spacious bathroom. Fit the tiles in a diagonal pattern, which makes the room look deeper. Large tiles with thin grout lines between them also gives the illusion of more square footage in the bathroom. The same size on the walls will do the same. 

Keep The Design Simple

Too much pattern, color and design will make a small bathroom feel cramped and cluttered. Instead, pick one large scale pattern as an accent, and use it sparingly. Choose one color for the walls and one for accessories and leave things there. Any more and you risk making the walls feel like they’re closing in on you. The minimal design works much better in small spaces. 

Be aware of design details that make the room feel busy too. This could be something hardware details on your taps, stone veining on the tiles, decorative details on cabinets or other small details. This all to a feeling of a busy, crowded design. Stick to sleek lines and simple designs for a feeling of space. 

Do you have any tips for small bathrooms?

Bryony x

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  1. November 16, 2019 / 4:28 pm

    Thanks for sharing these tips. Storage is so important especially when the bathroom also acts as a linen closet.

    Loren | plaidandsugar.blogspot.com

  2. December 11, 2019 / 6:21 pm

    I think mirrors are such a great tip! Most people have them in their bathrooms anyway so picking the perfect one is part of the fun!

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