I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try I’m never going to be a morning person, it’s just not in me to be super motivated and cheery the second I wake up. There’s the obvious exception of Christmas and my Birthday or if I’m going on holiday, but on a general day to day basis I think I’ll always struggle to get out of bed.

I’ve been watching a lot of the ‘My 5am Morning Routine’ videos on Youtube recently, I’m in total ore of their lifestyle. How does their body clock go yeah let’s get up make my bed, have a healthy snack and go to the gym before work, seriously how? I want all the tips. If I ever try to get up before 7:30am my body goes ‘Nah, you’ve got another few mins before you really have to get up, rollover, enjoy the bed. I’ll then proceed to get up with just enough time to shower, get dressed and eat breakfast before work, no extra time.

This is something that’s played on my mind, ‘why am I so lazy?’, ‘if these other girls can get up early, why can’t I?’.

It’s seen that if you get up extra early you’ve got an extra few hours to be productive with, that you’re going to get more out of your day and live a better lifestyle. Is this really true or just what social media is making us believe?

If when I get up I write a list of 3/4 things I’d like to accomplish that day, for example,  writing a blog post, doing the washing and tidying my room. If these tasks are completed by the end of my day then surely I’ve been productive, it doesn’t matter what time of day I complete them at, as long as they’re done.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t compare yourself to what you see online, everyone does things in a different way. Plus, I’m sure these girls that create the most inspiring video’s don’t follow this routine every day, they will have down days where they lay in too. They’re not perfect, they’re just providing a little bit of inspiration online and that’s what we should take from it, inspiration to write more to-do lists or to do an extra job in the evening. that’s all.

Moving forward I’m going to try not to be so hard on myself if I’ve stayed up watching Stranger Things until 12am meaning the next day I sleep in until 11. If I never get up before 9:30 on weekends, so what? as long as I spend the day doing what I want does it really matter?

I’m way more of a night owl than a morning bird and I always will be.

Bryony x




  1. December 14, 2019 / 5:31 pm

    I’m not a morning person either lol my mom is a morning person & she is so persistent on making sure i become one lol. I can’t do it girl, & you are right, we cant compare our lifestyle to what we see on social media or youtube, because there I always some type of filter or editing.

  2. December 14, 2019 / 7:01 pm

    I am so not a morning person and I do think the productivity is a lot about mindset. If you think evenings is all about being cozy and watching movies, and you sleep late every day then you have less productive hours. But if you keep the same amount of productive hours no matter when you get up, it doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or not 😊

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