The Implant Insertion & Removal – My Experience


I first had my Implant inserted at my regular GP surgery, this was around April 2017. This obviously meant that 2020 was the year that my implant had to be changed, this is a process I was 100% dreading. I’m in no way a fan of needles or pain, I’m the kind of annoying patient that asks ‘what are you doing with that?’ and ‘what’s happening next?’, I want to know everything that’s coming.

When it came to booking an appointment to get my implant changed I was informed that I was unable to have the procedure at my local surgery, due to a change in doctors. This meant I had to go to a local sexual health clinic, there I attended a walk-in clinic. This meant I could walk in between the hours of 3pm-5pm to wait to see a nurser to have the procedure done.

The Removal

I ended up sitting in the waiting room, knowing I was about to have the procedure for about an hour and every minute that passed I was getting a little more nervous. Finally, the nurse called out my name and ushered me into her clinic room.

I sat down on a chair by her desk where we had a chat about how I was feeling, whether I’d had any side effects from the implant and if I had any questions about the changeover. Once the form on her computer was filled out I laid down on the clinic chair so the nurse could feel where my current Implant was and start the procedure.

I made it obvious to the nurse how nervous I was when I flinched my arm away as she went to wipe the area with an antiseptic wipe. I pretty much got told to relax as she couldn’t go ahead if I didn’t stay still so I squeezed Lewiss’ hand as hard as I could and closed my eyes.

Next up, there was a little prick in my arm which was the local anesthetic, which by the way was NOWHERE near as painful as I thought I would be. After this point. I couldn’t feel anything when the nurse touched my arm so I’d started to relax as what I thought was the worst bit really didn’t hurt much.

The nurse then made a tiny cut in my arm (I didn’t watch any of this bit as I’m way too squeamish) and used a special tool to gently pull out the implant. When the procedure was over my response was ‘You’ve done it already? I didn’t realize you had started’.


The Re-Insertion

The nurse decided we would place the new Implant in the same place as my old one, which I didn’t realize could be done. This meant I didn’t have to have any more local anesthetic and therefore made the process a lot simpler.

The applicator was used to push the new implant into position in my arm, then the nurse clicked a button on the applicator to set the implant in place.

There you have it, the whole procedure was over, all that was left was to pop a plaster on my arm. The nurse popped a couple of steri-strips on where the insertion was made and then a large plaster was placed over the top to protect them, I was advised to keep the steri-strips on for 3-5 days. The nurse then wrapped a bandage around my arm to apply pressure to the area, I was told to keep it on for the rest of the day and remove it the following morning.

It’s now 2 weeks after having the procedure done and my arm is fully healed,. I have the TINIEST dot ever left from where the incision was but unless you’re studying for it, you’re not going to notice it.

I hope this post was helpful to you if you’re thinking about getting the implant or just wanting to know a little bit more about how the procedure works.

Bryony x





  1. Kayleigh Zara
    March 21, 2020 / 3:56 pm

    It sounds like the procedure was done very well and with the most care by the nurse that sorted it for you! It’s always pleasant when you can’t tell if you have had the procedure or not x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌟

  2. Daisy
    March 21, 2020 / 4:37 pm

    I’m just like you when it comes to needles and pain and even flinched before reading this! xD It’s nice that the nurse was able to keep you calm and that everything went smoothly! Not sure if I’d do this but yay for simple!

  3. March 21, 2020 / 6:10 pm

    I’ve never considered having the implant, I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to things like this. However, it was great to read your experience of the implant and I’m sure this will help so many others! x

    Lucy |

  4. March 21, 2020 / 11:30 pm

    It is interesting to learn about different contraceptive methods. It is interesting to learn how the implant is taken out! I am glad that the most intense part was just the wait. I rather have than the actual procedure itself. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Nancy ♥

  5. March 22, 2020 / 12:21 am

    I’ll be honest, when I first heard about this being a thing I was so confused on how it worked but also intrigued. I love that you made a post about it, because I got to learn a little more about it as well. Thank you for posting about stuff like this, I think it’s great to be able to talk about it when some people might be nervous or even scared to ask anything about it.

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