I previously spoke about the contraceptive patch in my series which you can find HERE.

Now you’ve caught up with the facts and how it works it’s time to find out about a personal experience with it.

Here is the lovely Blogger Abbie’s story.

Abbie’s Experience with the Contraceptive Patch:

I started using the Evra Contraceptive Patch when I was 16 and before using it, I didn’t even know what it was. Alongside becoming sexually active came the fear of getting pregnant, as well as anxiety about contraception. I’d only known about the Pill and the Implant but neither of those was viable options to me for different reasons.
After a chat with my mum, I looked into the contraceptive injection – a more feasible option for me, but I was still apprehensive because of the side effects and needing to be injected every few months isn’t at the top of any 16 year old’s bucket list. My GP told me about the patch and suggested I do my own research; shortly after I began using it. I used the patch for 4 years and found it overall to be alright, though in hindsight I wish I had braved the Contraceptive injections instead.
My biggest gripe with the patch is that GPs, the internet, and even the instructions pack advertise it as being completely waterproof – it absolutely is NOT. I’m not a swimmer so my water-based activities only extend to taking baths. I love them and can be in there for over an hour. When the patch was on my thigh or shoulder blade it would start peeling off within half an hour, unless I kept my hand pressed firmly over it. Occasionally I just wanted to enjoy a bath without having to do that so I would let it come off completely and have to apply a new patch afterward.
My second issue with the patch is how noticeable it was. Anytime I was intimate with somebody, they saw it right away because of its size and colour, (It only comes in one pink/beige shade which was too dark for my skin) so I either had to explain what it was or pass it off as a plaster. I found that it left a scarlet outline on my skin too, so even during my ‘patch-free’ week, the imprint of it was still noticeable on my body.
On the other hand, I liked using the patch because of how easy it was; on a Sunday morning I’d stick it on and generally forget about it until the next Sunday, repeat for 3 weeks and then take that lovely week off. Most contraceptive apps work with the patch, so I had reminders on my phone when to change it or order more. I enjoyed this control over my periods that the patch gave me – If I had a particularly busy month ahead I could replace my patch for up to 5 weeks without having a period. Then my period would happen as normal when I took it off. The patch also made my periods shorter and lighter too; an effect which I am still seeing the benefits of 8 months later.
Have you tried the Contraceptive Patch?

Bryony x


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