This year has totally flown by, one minute it was February, and the next minute we are in June, at least that’s what it feels like.

So, this means we’ve got Father’s day approaching on us and this year we are unable to stroll through all the shops looking for the perfect gift. You could always go for the classic aftershave and chocolate but if you want something a little different here are a few ideas:

Personalised MoonPig Ecard

If you’ve missed the boat to send out a card to your dad, don’t panic moonpig have your back. You’re able to send a personalised E-card for as little as 99p, this way the message will get there on time.

A Game He Would Love/ Laugh At

If you’re Dad is a fan of the show ‘Only fools and horses’ you could get him a top trumps or monopoly themed game from moonpig. I’m sure it would make your Dad chuckle when he opens it, it would also provide great entertainment for the next rainy day.

A Drink He Likes

Sometimes no matter how much we want to treat our Dad’s there just isn’t anything he would want, apart from maybe an expensive new tool or car (which is out the picture).

At this point we resort to the gift that you can NEVER go wrong with, their favorite drink. My Dad’s favorite is ale so I’ve bought him a few nice ale sets from Moonpig, so he can try the different flavours and have a little variety.

Take Him For An Afternoon Out

If you dad hasn’t got out the house for a while, it would be lovely to take him out for the afternoon. You could go for a walk in a forest, a walk on the beach or to a certain location that he loves.

I think putting aside a bit of time to spend with your dad can mean a lot, sometimes even more than a fancy gift, so make sure to make that little bit of time this werekend.

What are you doing for this fathers day?

Bryony x





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  1. June 28, 2020 / 5:22 pm

    For father’s day, I went and got my granddad a large strawberry flavored shaved ice. He loved it! And loved that he was special and the only one who got any lol.

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