MY STATS (AS OF 8/10/18)

Twitter: 7,200+

Instagram: 4,530+

Bloglovin: 619+

Pinterest: 4.9k +

Monthly Views: 1,500+

DA: 17


#FF every Friday

7 Retweets of your promotional tweets throughout the month

2 of your blog posts pinned to my Pinterest boards

1 Instagram shoutout (a photo on yours on my feed)

2 Instagram story promo’s throughout the month

Included in a monthly blog post with a link


#FF every Friday

Included in a monthly blog post with a link

2 Retweets of your promotional tweets throughout the month


Instant follow

Promo on insta stories at least once a week

2 promotional photo’s per month tagging you (photo of my choice)

4 tweets per month linking your Instagram account

If you would like to purchase an advertising spot please email me over at, I aim to get back to you on the same day. Once we have confirmed the details of the package I will let you know my payment details.


A part of my advertising packaging relies on you. This means that if you do not tweet any promotional tweets then I am unable to retweet them so you miss out on that part of the package.

When I give you an Instagram shoutout I will choose which image of yours I use on my feed, with credit,  or one of my own to link and promote you. The Instagram promotions will be done on my account @bryonybakerr

If you have stopped blogging/ are no longer active on social media you will not be able to transfer the package for another month

Thank you!